Change - Growing Through the Transitions of Life

Learn how to master change by embracing it as an essential element to growth and healthy living.

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Open to All!

Wednesday Nights, August 23rd - September 27th

6:30 - 8:30 pm - Class Fee: $150 (payments accepted)

929 East 81st Street, Anchorage

“Camille is an enlightened facilitator. I won’t forget this Change class.”

“Camille is such a wonderful and amazing teacher."

"I am grateful for Camille's vibrant energy, wisdom and skill as a facilitator. This was an amazing experience. Thank you!

“Camille is a powerful coach and can help you identify personal issues or challenges with a gentle yet strong approach that results in healing and greater awareness.”

“Nothing is permanent but change.”

How many times have you heard this classic remark? Though we can accept it as a basic Truth, we still resist change, fear it and are often paralyzed by it when it arrives on the doorstep of our lives.

It doesn't have to be that way.

This six week course is designed to help you master change by embracing it as an essential element to growth and healthy living!

During our time together, you'll:

  • Explore your relationship to change and how your perspective makes all the difference.
  • Discover the personal growth that comes with change and how it can enhance the quality of your life.
  • Strengthen your courage to go forward by going inward.
  • Experience how to better integrate change into your everyday living.
  • Become comfortable with change and learn how to anticipate it with a sense of trust and excitement.

“Your life does not get better by chance,
it gets better by change.”
Jim Rohn

“I will take any class that Camille teaches. Her light shines so bright. She is a gifted coach. Watching her assist others in seeing the spiritual truth within their challenges and helping them discover their highest good is transformational.” Claire C

“Camille is an amazing, inspiring and motivating coach. I can’t believe how much I learned about myself in such a short class.” Sara Harris

“Camille is a dynamic and gifted speaker and counselor. Her class was life changing.” Carol S

Additional Information

This six week course is open to young adults too!

We'll gather at The Alaska Center for Spiritual Living on Wednesday nights beginning August 23rd from 6:30 - 8:30 pm for an interactive, self-exploratory experience, enhanced by group discussions, group coaching and real time application to better understand how what we've been told to believe about change and how we define and view change has created our relationship to change.

When we come into this awareness, we're able to make adjustments to those beliefs that shape our reactions and responses to this fundamental principle of life to better match who we are today.

This is an empowering transformation which allows us to be in concert with change in a new way, to work with change as an ally, to see the transitions of life as a natural and neutral process and to ultimately master our relationship to change that frees us from fear, worry, anxiety and the many other paralyzing emotions that block us from embracing what change is truly offering us.

Through writing, confidential one to one sharing and group discussions along with "take home" exercises that will have you addressing areas of change in your life as we move through the class, you'll be able to awaken your spirit to the power of change and embrace the growth that it's offering you!

“Camille really hears what you say, even if you are not aware of the importance of it. Then she figures out what she can do to assist you in life changes. I don’t remember anyone in my life that was able to identify what Camille did.” Judy M

“Camille’s focus and direction are top notch. Her ability to listen and give direction on different options and perspectives were so helpful and priceless.” Allen S


Your Instructor

Camille Conte
Camille Conte

What I Believe: I believe we're meant to live a joyful life and that the "key to happiness" is the reconnection with our True Self. Everything I'm about leads back to the inner life and the practices that bring us home. When you're willing to change your thinking and open up to a greater perspective, you gift yourself with new life skills that empower you in your everyday living like never before! I'm excited about showing you that greater perspective!

What I Have for You: I've taken twenty years of learning from the masters and my own life journey and have created personal transformation courses, life, business and group coaching, workshops and inspirational talks that have helped hundreds of people awaken to a more meaningful life through the understanding of universal laws and principles, the power of looking at life in a fresh, new way and the importance of spiritual living practices like meditation.

Why It Matters: Spiritual education is one of the catalysts to awakening because it replaces ignorance with understanding and reveals the oneness of all life. The material world is the one we live in. The spiritual world is the one we come from. Once you understand how life works, you can align yourself with its nature and experience the joyful life you're here to live!